Thanks and acknowledgements

Here I would like to thank everyone who either with their help, hints, warm words, and sometimes even the source code have simplified (and in some cases made possible) creation of this program. The most important of them are:

  • All betatesters
  • Everyone, who either directly or indirectly, supported me and motivated to keep developing application!
  • All active persons from pl.comp.lang.delphi usenet group - many postings from this group have extended my practical Delphi knowledge and resolved many problems even before they really kicked in.
  • All active persons from pl.comp.mail and usenet groups, especially those, who sent their bug reports there.
  • Wojciech Piszczek, the creator of NoName II (HCM uses part of this program)
  • Łukasz Jeżyna, the one who redesigned this website.

The following libraries and components are used in HCM: